Art Exhibitions

Art Exhibition Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in sharing your art with the patrons of the Lunenburg Public Library. We are particularly eager to show the work of local artists.

Exhibition Space

The George R. Wallace Community Room is available for exhibiting paintings. It is important for each exhibiting artist to know that the Community Room is a public, unsupervised space with frequently scheduled library and community functions. Each exhibition lasts for six (6) weeks.


Receptions are allowed, but the scheduling and details of a reception should be set up in coordination with the Library Director. Liquor is prohibited in a public building without a permit. A one-day liquor license may be applied for through the Board of Selectmen. A Meeting Room Reservation form must be completed before a reception can be scheduled.

Application Process

Exhibitions are arranged at the discretion of the Library Director as space and circumstance permits. Please observe the set up and removal dates for your exhibit. Solo artists must have a substantial body of framed work for exhibit. For group shows, a designated responsible person should be indicated at the time of application. All applicants must submit a sample of their work, a resume and an artist statement. Samples should be labeled with artist name, title, media and size in inches. The preference is for artists who have had some experience in setting up an exhibit. The library reserves the right to decline the work of any artist who does not meet these minimum requirements.


Work may include painting, printing, drawing, photography, textiles and mixed media. The size of work may not exceed seventy-two (72″) inches in any direction. All work must be suitably framed. No raw glass or clip frames allowed. All work on paper must be framed under glass. Please use Plexiglas rather than glass if the work is over twenty-six (26″) inches in any direction.


The library cannot assume responsibility for works of art. We recommend that you insure your works of art since the library insurance does not cover exhibitions. Exhibiting very small items is also discouraged. The Library reserves the right to bill the artist for any damage incurred in conjunction with the exhibit.


This room has approximately sixty-eight (68′) running feet of hanging space. Due to the heavy usage of this area, exhibitions must be limited to this hanging space only. The work must be properly hung with care taken not to mark the walls. There is a built-in picture rail at a height of seven (7′) feet. Pictures must be hung from this rail using the hooks provided. Nothing must be affixed to the wall or chair rail and care must be taken not to mark the walls. White cord or strong fishing line should be used. Under no circumstances may nails be used in the walls. The date for the hanging and removal of the exhibition must be scheduled with the Library Director. The artist is responsible for the hanging and removal of his or her exhibit. The installation must be completed in one day. The same applies to removal of art.


The library reserves the right to photograph the work for documentation purposes, publicity, education and future grant proposals. The artist(s) is responsible for all publicity subject to the approval of the Library Director.


Please provide a complete list of the names and prices for your work. You may leave your cards and guestbook in the meeting room. The artist negotiates the sales of art with any interested party. Sold works may not be removed during the show. The library does not accept commissions for works that are sold, but the Friends of Lunenburg Public Library welcomes donations (15% suggested).

I have read and acknowledged the rules and regulations as set forth by the Lunenburg Public Library Board of Trustees:

Artist or Representative’s Signature

Approved by the Lunenburg Public Library Board of Trustees in November 2009.