Operational Safety Policy

The Lunenburg Public Library believes strongly in achieving and maintaining the highest level of: personal safety of all library patrons; personal safety of all library staff; and quality of service to all patrons given the resources available.

The Lunenburg Public Library further recognizes that there is no way to anticipate every emergency scenario and the need to achieve these goals based on the resources available at any given point in time. Therefore, the Lunenburg Public Library’s Operational Safety Policy is set forth to provide a proactive policy to secure and support the aforementioned goals:

1. A minimum number of three (3) staff members must be present at all times as determined by the Library Director or their designee.

2. Staff member is defined as any personnel, who provide regular library services to patrons.

3. In the event that the minimum staffing requirement is not met, parts therein or the entire building, will close until such time when the required number of staff is available. Every reasonable effort will be made to contact and inform the Board of Library Trustees of the situation necessitating the need to close the facility.

4. In the event that the library or parts therein must be closed, a copy of this policy and a notice will be posted on all patron entrances. This notice will inform patrons of the time of closing, the reason for closing, and anticipated time of reopening.

Revised by the Lunenburg Public Library Board of Trustees on April 16, 2020.