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Friday, July 20th        6:00pm* - 9:30pm

The Movie is:  12 Strong
The Food Theme is:  BBQ!


The rating of this movie is:  "R"
*The movie will begin at 6:15pm


(The admission is free, and bringing a
food item is not required!)

We do ask you to sign up at the front desk, or online HERE for attendance, and if you are bringing a dish to share.

Have you heard of PBS’s Great American Read?  Help choose America's Favorite Book!

Connect with your local community and beyond by reading and voting for your favorite books this summer and fall.  Then, join your neighbors in October, just before the finale of the television series, to discuss your experiences.


         Visit PBS HERE               Check the Reading                      Request Books from
HERE                                CW MARS HERE

Magazines are Back!

The first wave of 50 magazines is available in the CW MARS OverDrive catalog.  They can be accessed either through Libby or through the OverDrive app.  They can be read online or downloaded for offline reading.

Every magazine is always available -- There's no waiting!   You can read a sample from any magazine before borrowing.  (To borrow, you have to be signed into OverDrive.)  Visit OverDrive's special 'Magazine Room' HERE
Don't own an eReader?  Borrow one of ours!

Featured Venues for July


Borrow a ParksPass and discover your Massachusetts State Parks. The ParksPass entitles the bearer to free parking at over 50 facilities in the Massachusetts State Parks System that charge a day-use parking fee.

You can borrow a ParksPass from the
Lunenburg Public Library!

Enjoy your state parks!

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Zoo New England's mission is to inspire people to protect and sustain the natural world for future generations by creating fun and engaging experiences that integrate wildlife and conservation programs, research, and education.

The Franklin Park Zoo is a 72-acre site nestled in Boston’s historic Franklin Park, MA.  It features dozens of animal exhibits including zebras, ocelots, and spotted hyenas.  Stone Zoo is located on a 26-acre site near the sparkling Spot Pond reservoir in Stoneham, MA.   It offers many fascinating animal attractions such as reindeer, yaks, and peregrine falcons.

The Friends of the Lunenburg Library are eligible to request Museum Passes to many museums, zoos, and living environments throughout the State.

Join the Friends today and experience these cultural activities.

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