Regulations for Use

The person signing the application must be over 18 years of age and bein attendance when the Meeting Rooms are in use. She/he shall beresponsible for the conduct of the group, payment of any bills and forthe protection of Library property in connection with themeeting. The Library shall be promptly reimbursed by the signingparty for any expense or damage resulting from the use of the facility.

  1. No custodial services are provided in connection with the use ofthe room. The library staff provides no furniture moving orhospitality services. The person making the application shall beresponsible for topical cleaning of the room immediately after the useand the removal of all trash. If there is clean-up required after a group leaves, a fee of $50/hour will be incurred.
  2. Trash is to be taken away by users. The library trash facilities are not available.
  3. The number of attendees shall be limited to the maximum capacity as determined by the Fire Chief.
  4. Meetings must end 15 minutes prior to closing, unless arranged for and paid in advance.
  5. Meeting rooms will not be available when the library building is closed due to emergency conditions or inclement weather.
  6. Equipment owned by the Friends of the Lunenburg Public Librarymay be available for use. There may be fees applicable depending on theequipment. Outside equipment may be brought in if approved by theLibrary in advance.

Group Responsibilities

The group may set up/rearrange tables and chairs according to theirrequirements as long as they are returned to their proper place whenthe meeting has been completed.

  1. Kitchen facilities must be cleaned thoroughly if used. All trash must be bagged and removed from library grounds.
  2. No smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed on town property.
  3. There must be adherence to the library hours of operation and the instructions of the staff on site.
  4. Refreshments may not be taken from the Meeting Rooms into other areas of the library.