About Us

Mission Statement:

Lunenburg Public Library welcomes all and serves residents of the Lunenburg area as a hub for the  community, enriching our lives through its collections, programs, services, facility, and people.

We are a member of the CWMARS library system.  If you have a CWMARS card from another library, you do not need another card to borrow our materials.  For new patrons:  A valid I.D. with current address or multiple proofs of current address -- minimum of 2 -- is required to be issued a card.  Applications for children under 18 years of age must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Your first library card is free.  Replacement cards cost $1.00.


Library Staff

Muir Haman, Director                                                X 15

Lydia Gravell, Adult Services                                         X 11

Digital Services (Currently Vacant)                                 X 23

Debbie Laffond, Children Services                                 X 17

Susan Elbag, Young Adult Services                                X 16

Sherri Freeman, Interlibrary Loan Services                     X 13

Marabeth Balboni, Collection Services                            X 12

Cheryl Stillman, Periodical Services                                X 18

Colby Lavigne, Page

Victoria Miele, Page




Board of Trustees

Harry Kubetz, Chair

Richard Mailloux, Vice Chair

Robert Conroy, Secretary

Kate McCarron

Donna Saiia

Maia Wentrup

Laura Boussom

Personnel Subcommittee:  Harry Kubetz, Kate McCarron, and Maia Wentrup 

The Friends Endowment Subcommittee:  Harry Kubetz and Robert Conroy

Budget Subcommittee:  Richard Mailloux, Donna Saiia, and Laura Boussom

Policy Subcommittee:  Richard Mailloux, Maia Wentrup, Kate McCarron,
and Robert Conroy

Trust Fund Investment Subcommittee:  Donna Saiia, Harry Kubetz,
and Richard Mailloux

Strategic Plan Subcommittee:  Richard Mailloux, Maia Wentrup,

and Laura Boussom


Friends Slate of Officers

Jane Crook, President

Jeanne Raboin, Vice President

Lydia Henshaw, Treasurer

Robin Venezia, Membership Chair/Assistant Treasurer

Susan Ahearn, Secretary