About Us

Mission Statement:

The Lunenburg Public Library is committed to fostering democratic principles by providing free and open access to information and community resources and by supporting an environment of lifelong learning, community cohesiveness and the growth of knowledge.  We provide a window to the world well beyond Lunenburg for all ages and backgrounds by using current technologies, quality resources and programs.


Library Staff

Muir Haman, Director                                                   X 15

Lydia Gravell, Adult Services                                         X 11

Heather Buiwit, Digital Services                                     X 23

Debbie Laffond, Children Services                                  X 17

Nicole Piermarini, Young Adult Services                          X 16

Sherri Freeman, Interlibrary Loan Services                      X 13

Marabeth Balboni, Collection Services                            X 12

Harrison Taylor, Library Assistant

Colby Lavigne, Library Assistant





Board of Trustees

Harry Kubetz, Chair

Kate McCarron, Vice Chair

Robert Conroy, Secretary

Lars Widstrand

Richard Mailloux

Donna Saiia

Maia Wentrup

Personnel Subcommittee:  Harry Kubetz, Kate McCarron, and Donna Saiia

The Friends Endowment Subcommittee:  Harry Kubetz and Robert Conroy

Budget Subcommittee:  Richard Mailloux and Donna Saiia

Policy Subcommittee:  Donna Saiia, Richard Mailloux, Maia Wentrup, Kate McCarron, and Robert Conroy


Friends Slate of Officers

Jeanne Raboin, President  
Jane Crook, Vice President  
Lydia Henshaw, Treasurer  
Susan Ahearn, Secretary