About Us

Library Staff

Martha Moore, Director                                                X 15

Muir Haman, Adult Services                                          X 11

Heather Buiwit, Digital Services                                     X 23

Debbie Laffond, Children Services                                  X 17

Nicole Piermarini, Young Adult Services                          X 16

Sherri Freeman, Interlibrary Loan Services                      X 13

Deborah Shields, Periodical Services                               X 18

Marabeth Balboni, Collection Services                            X 12

Sage Scorse, Library Assistant





Board of Trustees

Richard Mailloux, Chair

Harry Kubetz, Vice Chair

Lars Widstrand, Secretary

Robert Conroy

Kate McCarron

Donna Saiia

Maia Wentrup

Personnel Subcommittee:  Richard Mailloux, Harry Kubetz, Kate McCarron, Kiirja Paanen

Budget Subcommittee:  Harry Kubetz, Gare Thompson, Donna Saiia

Endowment:  Richard Mailloux, Harry Kubetz


Friends Slate of Officers

Jeanne Raboin, President  
Jane Crook, Vice President  
Lydia Henshaw, Treasurer  
Susan Ahearn, Secretary