Overdue Fine Free Children’s Books, Young Adult Books


Lunenburg Public Library is pleased to announce that we are removing overdue fines for books in our Childrens and Young Adult collections! You will still be responsible for replacement fees if you lose items, and overdue charges will still accumulate if you check out Adult books, any DVDs, or video games that are returned late. And if you feel guilty about being late, we are able to accept donations to our Friends of the Lunenburg Public Library in whatever amount you feel is appropriate.


Overdue fines are a punitive strategy meant to encourage the return of library materials on time. Their consequence often disproportionately affects those least able to pay. Youth literacy is a priority value of the library, as is access to information. Both of these values are negatively affected by overdue fines and the obstacle they represent to some borrowers. If you are able to pay, and you feel guilty, the Friends of the Lunenburg Public Library will welcome a donation commensurate with your feelings.


Removing fines associated with the books meant for young readers is the first phase in the library’s exploration of removing fines. We will be continuing to gather data about borrowing, returning, and revenues. If the measure does not help our community, we will discontinue it. If it does help, it is possible that we may expand it.


The purpose of this measure is to enable those least able to pay to recover from a mistake and continue to use the library. Those borrowing these materials are also least likely to be able to travel to the library on their own schedule, being too young to drive or ride a bike on their own. Returning things on time is as important as ever, and there is very often someone waiting to read the book next, so please be considerate.


This measure will only affect books owned by Lunenburg. Another C/W MARS library may still charge you fines, even if you pick up a book in Lunenburg. If it is owned by this other institution, their policies take precedent no matter where you borrow or pick it up from or where you return it. For instance, if you are late returning children’s books from another library who charges overdue fines, they will still accumulate. We cannot override another library’s policies, and we cannot forgive fines charged by another institution.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Updated September 2020