Summer Reading Promotion
Fine Free Week: June 29th - July 4th


During the week of June 29th, we will be forgiving up to $10 of overdue fines on Children’s and Young Adult Books owned by Lunenburg Public Library (LPL) if ALL late items are returned to the library.


You must return all your late items to enjoy this grace, and only LPL owned charges can be forgiven. We will also limit fine forgiveness to the material types for which we are removing overdue fines: Children’s Books and Young Adult Books (DVDs, Audiobooks, and Video Games are not included).


We will continue to quarantine items that are returned according to state and local guidelines, so please get your books back before the promotion begins. We will not check them in until after their 72 hour quarantine period. Once they have been checked in from your account, you can contact the library staff to arrange for fine forgiveness. We will check what type of materials accumulated fines and who owned the items before  removing any eligible fines in amounts up to $10. We cannot forgive fines charged by other libraries. If you are late returning children’s books from another library who charges overdue fines, they will still accumulate.