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for returning borrowed items.

>> NEW <<

 >> We now offer curb-side pick up on material placed on hold.  See guidelines HERE

>> We have assembled a few Picture Book bundles, by author or subject, that can readily be checked out to you!  They are:  Dr. Seuss, Animals, Crafts, Bugs, Trucks, and Disney Fairy Tales.  Just call the Library (978-582-4140) or email Miss Debbie.  We can also assemble bundles for Beginner Reader Books and Juvenile Books if you would like.

Beanstack - A fun new way to log reading and participate in challenges
for the whole family!

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Summer Reading Program 2020 at Lunenburg Public Library

~~ Summer Re-Imagined! ~~

Program runs June 28th - July 25th 

Our goal for this fun summer program is twofold: First, to encourage your child to read over the summer to maintain their reading habits and to avoid “summer slump”; and Second, to entertain, educate, and provide opportunities for outdoor and family activities for your child and you throughout the summer.   

Hello everyone!  So glad to be back in the library again - sorry, still staff only for now - but hopefully we'll be able to open our doors for you all soon!   Our library catalog is also available so put your books on hold and we will get them for you to pick up 'curbside'.

We are certainly hosting a summer reading program this year - "Summer Re-Imagined!" - and we have lots of great ways that you can participate.  Get started HERE with the informational packet for registering beginning June 28th.  Please contact us here at the Library either by email or phone: (978) 582-4140 with any questions or for more information.  Look forward to talking with all of you!  Miss Debbie

See the Children's Summer Reading Raffle Prizes HERE

Monday, June 29th - Saturday, July 4th!
See Details

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Lunenburg Public Library is pleased to announce that we are removing overdue fines for books in our Childrens and Young Adult collections!  You will still be responsible for replacement fees if you lose items, and overdue charges will still accumulate if you check out Adult books, any DVDs, or any video games that are returned late.  We still ask you to return items on time, so that other readers can enjoy them after you!  If you feel guilty about being late, we are able to accept donations to our Friends of the Lunenburg Public Library in whatever amount you feel is appropriate.  If you want more information, start with this document HERE, and we are always happy to answer questions!

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Other Fun Activities
Beginning Monday, June 29th

'Weekly Craft Activity'

These will be posted on LPL’s YouTube and Facebook pages each week for you to try. These are all fun activities that can be done with a few simple ingredients from around the house!

Here's our activity for week 1- Tee Shirt Art. Click HERE to see our YouTube video for this fun activity. Enjoy!


'LPL’s QR Fairy Tale Quests About Town'


Are you up for tackling a quest? Are you good at finding things? Well if you are, then this activity is for you! There are 8 fairy tale pictures located outside around town. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find all of them! When you locate a picture, scan the QR code and then answer the questions.

Sound easy (heh, heh)? Well, I guess we’ll see how brave and determined
our LPL families are! Good luck!

(Need a hint for how to locate the first one?  Hmmmm.....“Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life. Libraries change lives for the better.”  Sidney Sheldon.  This is an easy one to get you started!)


'Family Cooking Adventures'

There are 4 weekly challenges in this adventure.  Each adventure will feature a food item from a different fairy tale.  Should you choose to accept the challenge you will need to create a whole meal or single recipe using this ingredient. 


Pumpkin is the secret ingredient from this great fairy tale!
What did the Fairy Godmother do with all the pumpkin she scooped out of the shell?  Well, you can use it to make all kinds of yummy treats!  Choose your favorite pumpkin recipe and get cooking! Send me a picture, or draw one and drop it off, and you will earn a raffle ticket!

Looking for some good book recommendations?

Use these Reading List from the ALSC for your Summer Reading!


Need more Summer Reading Activities?
Check out the Boston Public Library site!

Reading Quests, Creative Challenges, Book Lists, and More!

Join the Boston Public Library's
Summer Reading Program HERE!

See all BPL Summer Reading Programs HERE

'Summer Reading Challenge for the Whole Family!'

This reading challenge created by author Julie Stroebel Barichello is a great activity to do and every level of reader can do it!
Try it this summer as a Family Challenge! See the challenge HERE.

Are you a fan of the Harry Potter books?  Do you want more?

HERE are some book recommendations!  Beloved science fiction and fantasy books that might appeal to you if you loved the magical world of Harry Potter!