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Celebrate National Poetry Month

Write a Poem, Read a Poem,
Enjoy a Poem

Special Event @ the Lunenburg Library
Thursday, April 27th
6:30pm - 8:30pm

This event will include a poem read by each winning teen from the Poetry Writing Contest, as well as poems read by the Louise Bogan Poets, and others from the community.  The community readers will share why their chosen poem is a favorite.

If you have any questions, please email:
or call:  978-340-6111.

Lite refreshments will be offered.

Sponsored by the Louise Bogan Chapter of MSPS and the Lunenburg Library


Wednesday, May 3rd
7:00pm - 8:00pm


Due to the overwhelming response to Dave Downs' first Clutter Control program, he will present Part 2:  The BIG reasons why Americans buy so much STUFF.  Dave uses humor with amusing stories during the talk to engage and inform the audience. Participants will leave the program smiling and not feeling guilty, but recognizing that if they are thoughtful about what and why they acquire items, they will start to reverse the tendency to bury themselves in 'treasures'!

Dave Downs, a veteran educator and entertainer with more than fifty years performance experience, brings fun and laughter to hundreds of groups around New England.  His purpose is to inform and motivate the audience.

Participants leave the program with new ideas,
methods, and helpful hints. 


with Kate Chadbourne

Sunday, May 7th

3:00pm - 5:00pm


Kate Chadbourne is an award-winning songwriter and poet, a scholar and teacher of Irish language and folklore with a PhD from Harvard, and a beloved performer at venues throughout New England.

She brings to her audiences the sounds of the harp, piano, tin whistle, Irish flute, and melodeon, a deep love and knowledge of traditional Irish story, a warm and welcoming presence, and a voice often described
as “the voice of an angel.”


Visit with Dick Pirozzolo
Author of 
Escape from Saigon

Wednesday, May 17th
7:00pm - 9:00pm

Dick served during the Vietnam War as a U.S. Air Force information officer in Saigon, and will bring this amazing story to us. 

Escape from Saigon chronicles the events of April of 1975.  It is a sweeping saga that places you dead center in the  final thirty tumultuous and desperate days of the Vietnam War. During this time of uncertainty, danger, and death, lines are crossed; allegiances questioned; and heroes are born.  It is the story of journalists, diplomats, South Vietnamese families, spies, and double agents who are trapped in the beleaguered city as the North Vietnamese Army advances on the city.

After the war, Dick became a journalist and public relations executive, but Vietnam was always on his mind.  He returned many times during the mid-1990s, playing a prominent role in fostering the U.S. - Vietnam reconciliation.

He presently serves on the Editorial Board of Boston Global Forum, a think tank with ties to Harvard University, that fosters peaceful solutions to world tensions; and supports cultural, commercial, and political ties with Vietnam as well.


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