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Birds of the New England Swamp

Wednesday, May 20th

7:00-8:00 pm

Wildlife Photographer Peter Christoph presents a narrated slideshow, sharing both his award-winning images and his photographic secrets as he brings you inside a typical New England swamp. Peter provides an intimate look at the many varieties of birds that inhabit our swamps, including ospreys and herons, shorebirds, woodpeckers, and other cavity dwellers. 



Don't miss our semi-annual book and bake sale!

Saturday, June 6th, 8:30-2:00.

We are still accepting donations of books or media that are in good condition.


New Poster Exhibit at the Library

Organizations in many countries use posters as a way to communicate ideas and messages to their audience. Posters are sometimes used as billboards and are pasted on walls, fences, and poles throughout a city. Unions sometimes hang posters in work places to warn of dangers, educate about benefits or inspire actions. Posters sometimes use mainly the written word to communicate a message. Other times they rely on creative graphic art to communicate the idea. It is an art form that is easily accessible to many people. The art goes to the people rather than the people having to go to a museum. It is a communication tool that is used to inform, influence, inspire and yes, perhaps inflame people.

This year’s exhibit at the Lunenburg Library is focused on anti-war movements and is international in scope. Please stop by the library to see the exhibit which will be here until May 29th

Call ahead to make sure there are no meetings in the Community Hall and the room is available for the exhibit viewing or just drop by.







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