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Text Messaging from the Library Catalog - New Feature Available to Library Users

  • Text notices for holds pickup:  Library users can now opt to receive a text message when their hold is ready for pickup. When placing a hold, the user can choose to enter a cell phone number and when their hold becomes available they will receive a text message.
  • Text call number to a phone:  Library users can text a call number to a cell phone from the Library Catalog. When viewing the record for an individual library item (book, video etc.) users can click on the link labeled "text" which will take them to a form to enter a cell phone and receive a text with that call number and location information of the item.


The Library will move to a new format for our public computers over the next couple of weeks.  Our goal at the Library is to have everything running as efficiently as possible so that the staff can focus on delivering services and library materials to the community.  Desktop virtualization will help us do this.  It isn't really new, it is akin to the terminal servers of the 80's. What this change will do for us at the Library is:

  • reduce hardware costs by at least 65%
  • reduce maintenance costs and time by 75%
  • decrease energy costs by 85-90%
  • increase the life span of our equipment by a factor of 3
  • decrease the vulnerability of our hardware and networks

The changes that a library user will notice are:

  • there will be just monitors at each public computer station
  • you will need to save to a USB (thumb, flash) drive - you can bring your own or purchase one at the library for a discounted price (2G for $5)
  • everything will work the same no matter which station you sit at
  • everything will WORK CORRECTLY!!!!

To learn more about desktop virtualization  ...

Tax Time logo         

It's Tax Time!         

The library now has the most common tax forms available.

These websites may be helpful as well:


IRS Forms & Publications:

Download Tax Software:
     H &R Block:
     TAX ACT:
     Tax Slayer:
     eSmart Tax:


Thanks for sending all the comments and feedback on the new website.  Please keep them coming as it REALLY helps us fine tune the website and make it more useful for you!

One of the collections that we have recently updated is Science Fiction.  None of the library staff are real die-hard SF folks so we are depending right now on award winning titles and authors, the classics, and your recommendations.  So if you are a SF Fan please check out the collection (we've recently moved it over near the fiction) and let us know what else you think we should have.

Stay tuned, everyone!!



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